Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Sacred Space of Motherhood

With Mother's Day just around the corner, everyone is clamoring to celebrate and honor motherhood.  But what exactly is motherhood?  Birthing, nurturing, educating, giving?  Selflessness and sacrifice?  Love and empathy?  Motherhood is so many things.  Collectively, though, it is an ancient art and practice of love, compassion, and the passing on of knowledge and wisdom.  Motherhood is a collective wisdom and experience.  It is a sacred space that all mothers know and dwell in, no matter how different our personal journeys.  Motherhood resides within our souls in a knowingness that is intrinsic to who we are.

It is in this collective space that motherhood is most powerful.  When mothers come together, our souls sing.  We share our uncertainties, joys, hardships, and challenges.  We speak a language of experience, knowledge, and wisdom to reassure one another, to grow, and to delve into a deep body of collective consciousness that has passed from one generation to the next.  From our mothers and grandmothers and beyond, the thread of motherhood connects us all.  And from this connection we each gain strength to power us through our own mothering journey.

To bring forth that wisdom and strength we need community.  We need to share our space and our lives with other mothers.  We need to dive into the collective consciousness and ancient wisdom by connecting, sharing, and learning from one another.  In-real-life community is the only way for us to truly unleash this sacred power.  Without it, motherhood is like an underground spring, deep and nourishing but not fully accessible.  Community brings it forth.

Give yourself the greatest gift you can this Mother's Day.  Get connected to a mothering community.  Open your soul and your heart to the collective consciousness of motherhood and to the ancient wisdom that we share not just in words and advice, but in the commonality of experiences and knowingness.  Become a supporting member of the Holistic Moms Network in May and tap into mothering community while adding your sacred journey to the collective wisdom and experience that is motherhood. 

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