Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Danger of Doing Nothing

As a holistic-minded parent, there is much to be concerned about.  There are pesticides and GMOs in our food supply, legislators are making it more and more difficult for parents to have freedom in their healthcare and lifestyle choices, and chemicals are lurking in our homes, via our furniture, paints, and flooring, without our knowledge.  You might read about the issues on Facebook and Twitter, like a few pages, share a few posts.  But a click here and a click there is essentially inactivity.  Doing something takes a commitment.  Maybe it's just a $10 donation to an organization that supports your lifestyle.  Or maybe it's taking a day to march, write a letter, call a legislator.  Or maybe you do even more.

But more often than not, we read, we click, and we assume someone else will do something.  Here's the problem - there is no someone else.  We are all you.  Are you waiting for someone else to speak up?  Do you expect others to donate to causes you believe in?  Because it's not happening.  The resistance to natural living is growing.  But thousands of the voices that should be heard are silent.  Organizations who are working hard to represent those voices are closing their doors because of a lack of funding and support.  Everyone is waiting for someone else.

There is no more time to wait.  Whatever your issue, whatever your concern, don't let the danger of doing nothing kick in.  You will blink and you will see your communities and networks gone, your voice silenced, your causes overrun.  The sidelines are not a safe place, in fact they hold the gravest danger of all.  If you're not doing something, you risk losing it all.  

Give, do, help.  Whether to the Holistic Moms Network during our #MayDriveforMoms or to another cause of your passion.  Just do it.  Because someone else isn't.

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