Thursday, January 1, 2015

Being Heard

Being a parent is hard work. Each day gives us new joys and new challenges that we want - and need
- to share with others. When we are heard, we are validated, understood, and fulfilled.

Sharing our life journeys with others heals us in profound ways. Giving voice to our concerns, questions, successes, and failures helps us to grow as individuals and as parents. From the early years when our children are babes through tweens, teens, and adults, the challenges persist even though they change in nature. Overcoming breastfeeding issues and toddler tantrums evolves into education choices and screen time questions, into dating and cultivating independence and responsibility. Each stage in our children's lives is a stage in our parenting journey. Being heard gives richness to that journey.

At HMN, we strive to create sacred spaces where parents can connect, share, and be heard. A place where bonds can be created, questions answered, and support offered and received. Community gives us these opportunities and so much more! Community gives us an opportunity to be heard, but also to laugh and to cry, to help and be helped, to have companions or to walk alone knowing that others are with us in spirit.

Our core mission is to bring people into these spaces - into our Chapters - to be heard. Start 2015 off with the most profound healing that you can and give yourself the opportunity to share your voice. Being heard will empower you, and your knowledge and experience can help guide another along her/his own journey. Join Holistic Moms during January to set a powerful healing intention and save $5 on an annual membership. Refer a friend to HMN and get a one-month extension on your current membership. Help us to help others. Spread the word, spread the healing, let's be heard in 2015!