Thursday, May 28, 2015

Self-Care for Moms

If you're a mom, the idea of self care may be elusive - like that dreamy vacation you fantasize about or that long-lost memory of sleeping in on the weekends.  Before starting a family we never thought about self care because it was how we usually lived.  We rested when we needed, treated ourselves to social gatherings, days off, long naps - whatever felt necessary.  But along came the littles filled with wonder, joy, and lots of needs, and suddenly we got lost.  

Finding time for self care isn't always easy and sometimes the little breaks we give ourselves are disappointing.  Solitude can be a great break, but often what we really need is connection - adult connection - and support.  Knowing that our daily struggles are shared by others - our desires not to miss every little moment but simultaneously wishing for a break, for wanting to do more and less all the time - learning that these are normal feelings for moms and dads and that what we do, who we are, is already good enough is transformative.  Reviving your spirit happens through connection and through in-real-life community.  The deepest and most profound kind of self care can come from a shared moment, an authentic conversation, or a silent knowingness.

Mother's Day may have passed, but there is still time to give yourself this most powerful gift - the gift of community.  Become a member of Holistic Moms and find others who make your spirit sing.  Give yourself connection, friendship, awareness, and support.  Your membership of just $35 for one year (through May 31st) will be a gift to yourself and to so many others through our 501(c)(3) non-profit community.  Bring self care back into your life.  It will do you good!

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