Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Let's Do Brunch! Coconut Banana French Toast

With warmer weather approaching, we love to enjoy lazy weekends which include tasty treats for breakfast or brunch.  This easy french toast recipe will have your kids begging for more and will give you all a fun taste of the tropics!

This recipe comes from Many Paths, One Journey to Health, a cookbook published by the Holistic Moms Network based upon member-submitted, kid-tested recipes.  These are simple, real food recipes for real people!


Coconut Banana French Toast  (From our Vegetarian Section)

1-2 ripe bananas
1 can unsweetened coconut milk
1 load day old bread
1/4 c. soy or rice milk (or milk of your choice)

Preheat a skillet to medium high.  In a blender, combine the bananas with the coconut milk.  Blend until smooth and pour into a shallow baking dish.  If the consistency is too thick, whisk in some milk to reach the desired consistency.  Slice the bread to your desired thickness and soak bread in the banana coconut milk mixture for one minute on each side.  Oil or butter the skillet and add bread, allowing to cook a few minutes on each side until a thin crust forms, then flip and cook on the other side.  Top with sliced banana, maple syrup, or a topping of your choice!

Order your own cookbook from the Holistic Moms Network here and enjoy all of our recipes, all year long!

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