Thursday, August 1, 2013

Be More Mindful: August Holistic Living Challenge

There is an interesting conundrum once you have kids. On the one hand, you want time to slow down so you can enjoy every cuddle and kiss.  On the other, the days seem to fly by in a frenzy of laundry, messes, playdates, sports, school and - you get the point.

But, life is short and unpredictable.  It’s so important to enjoy the moment. And, if you can’t enjoy it - simply be in it.  Be thoughtful.  Be aware.  Here.  Now.

It’s called being “mindful” and the practice of it leads to myriad benefits for health and well-being, including lowering stress, increasing focus, increasing compassion, and helping you sleep better.  All of which are connected to reductions in disease and illness.

Join us this month for our newest Holistic Living Challenge: Be More Mindful.
Take the challenge and share your experience for a chance to win great prizes from holistic companies that will further support you on your holistic living journey!
Here are the details:

Challenge: Be More Mindful.

Directions: Try to be conscientious about being in the present and embracing every moment.
Here are some ideas and resources:

●     Give yourself a minute in the morning. Before you get out of bed, take a few deep breaths and give thanks for the day. Create some intention for the day by thinking of what you’d like to do (beyond the to-do list) and what you’ll be especially attentive to in regards to gratitude, respect, and communication.

●     Sign-up at to learn how to meditate, try their 10 minutes for 10 days program, and get tips and tools delivered to your inbox or smartphone daily!

●     Put post-it notes around your home and office that say “Breathe.” When you see them, take a couple of minutes to notice your breathing and to feel the rise and fall of your belly.

●     Notice what you eat. Tune into your senses by examining the color and texture of your food, smelling it before you eat it, and really feeling and tasting it once it’s in your mouth. 

●     When you lie down for bed, breathe deeply and clear your mind. Feel your breath and your body and focus on the sound of inhaling and exhaling. Continue this practice for around five minutes.

●     Despite how much laundry is piling up or how many emails you have in your inbox, don’t fill every moment with doing. Take some time to simply be.

●     Notice where you tend to zone out (e.g., driving, brushing teeth, reading bedtime stories, bathing babies, etc.). Try bringing more mindfulness and attentiveness to that activity.

●     Connect with your local Holistic Moms Network chapter! Not a member? Sign-up today!

Share your experience for a chance to win great prizes!


  1. I plan to take time to meditate using (thanks!) and the app "GPS for the Soul." I also want to continue focusing more often on the present moment (what is going on around me, how I feel, etc.) and appreciating it.

  2. I love the post it note idea... I am going to wake up before the rest of the house... enjoy some coffee and set my intentions for the day.


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