Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Hot" Topics: 2012 Natural Living Conference!

We are always being asked what are the "hot" topics among Holistic Moms? Given the diversity of our community, that's a very difficult question to answer. Our members have a wide range of passions within the realm of natural living and we are all at different parenting stages. For new moms, natural childbirth, breastfeeding, babywearing, and cloth diapering may be at the top of their list. For those with school-aged children, alternative education, vaccination choice, bullying, and natural foods might be at the forefront. And for moms with grown up kids, "hot" issues might be sustainability, green investing, creating more life balance, or holistic medicine.

Each year when we plan our next Natural Living Conference, we try to take some of these issues into account, as well as the diversity of our community. We are excited to announce our 2012 Natural Living Conference is now open for registration and we think there is something for everyone at this year's event! This year's Keynote Speakers are former Top Chef contestant, author, and natural foods expert Andrea Beaman speaking on “Natural Healing Through Food” and author and president of the National Vaccine Information Center Barbara Loe Fisher speaking on vaccination issues. Workshop Speakers include natural beauty expert and Kiwi Magazine columnist Todra Payne; integrative pediatrician Dr. David W. Miller and author Jeffrey Cohen; and gluten-free expert and chef Denise SanFilippo.

In addition to the speakers, the event will feature natural products industry leaders and Sponsors such as Organic Valley, Applegate Farms, Boiron, and Floradix. The Natural Living Conference also includes a Holistic Exhibit Hall with a wide range of vendors offering products and services for families looking for organic and green lifestyle options. Plus, we'll be serving a healthy luncheon for all attendees, complete with both vegan and gluten-free options!

We hope that you will join us and reserve your spot. Unfortunately, we have a small space this year and attendance will be limited, so be sure not to wait! While we can't cover everything in a one-day event, we think some of the "hot" issues will be on the table and we hope to bring parents the information they need to make informed choices for themselves and their families!

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