Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Going Greener, Practically

“It isn’t easy being green.” – Kermit the Frog

The path to living greener and healthier can be confusing, to say the least. BPA, pesticides, GMOs, food miles, parabens, and VOCs can make your head spin. But does living green have to be hard? Maybe not, if you have simple, practical steps that you can take to make small changes, one at a time.

Or at least that’s how Practically Green Founder and mom, Susan Hunt Stevens, sees it. Four years ago, her toddler son “had just been diagnosed with a whole range of food and environmental allergies. This got us reading labels — and we quickly learned a lot about the impact that chemicals, hormones, antibiotics in foods, and other nasty stuff have on us and our kids.” Becoming educated about the dangers in our homes and food supply turned out to be the easier part. Implementing these changes is another story.

What Susan was looking for was an easy system “for moms like me, my neighbors and friends” that would help them take small steps that added up. So she created Practically Green, a new online service that figures out where you are today on the green spectrum and provides you with a personalized list of changes that you can make to live even more sustainably. From switching to all-natural soap to reducing your air travel, you can take actions that will earn you points and badges for your green efforts! And you can make it social by linking your actions with your Facebook or Twitter account and encouraging your friends to join along! Practically Green is not only fun, but it helps you to figure out how green you are, decide your next green step, helps you to find products/services, experts, and friends, and helps you to stay motivated and inspired in your journey. It’s a great way to connect online and get some suggestions for how to green your life.

Little steps lead to big, green changes. “We have significantly reduced our toxin exposure from food and products,” says Susan Hunt Stevens. “We truly live more consciously and I do feel like I’m contributing to a healthier life for my kids and perhaps doing my part for the greater good.” And you can, too! Take the quiz, find out how green you are and get started! Then check in for simple suggestions to keep you on your personal green journey!


  1. Awesome excited for the great information to be shared. The new model for healthcare necessitates lifestyle education like this :)

  2. I took the quiz and found the site to be very helpful! Thank you Susan and thank you HMN for highlighting this!


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