Sunday, February 15, 2009

Planet in Peril: Pay Attention!

So we've all heard about global warming and the dire state of the health of our planet but at what point are we going to start paying attention and actually do something about it?

Perhaps the new report from Reuters that the Earth is heating up dangerously fast will spur more of us to action. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the news is even worse than we had thought. Serious climate change over the next 100 years can endanger the survival of the human species. If we are going to act for our children's future, now is the time.

Are you contributing to the problem or will you be part of the solution? Find out what your carbon footprint is and then take action to reduce it.

Make a commitment to your children's future today by taking some simple steps:
  1. Pay attention to transportation. How we get from here to there has a huge impact on our carbon footprint. Drive less, walk or bike more. And watch out for flying which pollutes not only through airplane emissions but also through noise and water pollution.
  2. Buy organic. Whether purchasing food, clothing, or other products, seek items that were grown or made in eco-friendly, non-toxic ways.
  3. Green your home. Unplug appliances that are not being used, remove chemicals from your home by purchasing or making non-toxic cleaners, using low or no VOC paints, and reduce, reuse and recycle at every opportunity.
  4. Get rid of disposables. From plastic bottles to paper towels and diapers, we live in a society that loves to toss things into the trash. Switch to a safe, reusable bottle for your beverages, pick up some cloth napkins, check out cloth diapers, and stop contributing to the landfill.
  5. Take it to work. Don't stop at your doorstep - take action at work. Start a recycling program in your office, get some reusable lunch bags to tote your meals, and encourage your office to switch to LED or CFL lightbulds to reduce energy use.

We need to detox our plan-et before it's too late. Our children are counting on it!

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