Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let Food Be Your Medicine

Food is a passion. A passion for so many of us, but we definitely do not all agree on what actually constitutes a healthy diet. Many holistic moms are passionate about eating a vegetarian diet and raising their kids without animal products. Dr. Joel Fuhrman was a Keynote Speaker at our 2006 Natural Living Conference and presented fascinating information about why a plant-based diet rich in raw foods can improve health and eradicate many common diseases.

On the other side of the spectrum are the Weston A. Price devotees, who believe in the value of animal-based foods including marrow broths, raw milk, and high quality proteins. Many of us are in between, marrying a variety of dietary components together to eat what feels right and cultivates our well-being as well as our personal satisfaction. In addition, we may also integrate environmental factors into our nutritional decision making and consider the distance food travels to get to us, the manner in which the food was grown (i.e. organic vs. conventional), or the point where we purchase our daily bread (such as farmers markets or health food stores).

Whatever our passions, most holistic-minded parents agree on some fundamental guidelines for health eating starting with an emphasis on whole foods. The less processing the better is a simple guideline to follow, as is freshness. Organic is a widely accepted choice as well, to reduce our own toxin body burden and that of the planet.

And we also agree that eating well means enjoying our food and celebrating what we have. Whether carnivore, omnivore or vegetarian, gluten-free or raw foodist, you can find some ideas for making great and healthy food in our Growing Healthy Families Cookbook. A surprising number of easy, kid-friendly recipes will satisfy anyone looking for healthier options, no matter what path you choose!

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