Monday, April 1, 2013

Don’t Just Be the Change You Wish to See, Create the Change!

You’re probably familiar with Gandhi’s quote “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  We agree wholeheartedly!  But, this month, we challenge you to go one step beyond - don’t just BE the change, help MAKE the change in others.

Join us this month for our newest Holistic Living Challenge: Help Others Go Green!  It’s Earth Month and what better way to celebrate than by helping others live greener?

Take the challenge and share your experience for a chance to win great prizes from holistic companies that will further support you on your holistic living journey!

Here are the details:

April 2013 Challenge: Help Others Go Green


     Choose what you’d like to do. Here are some ideas to get your green gears going:
     Visit and choose a petition (or create your own) and spend the month promoting it and getting as many signatures as you can.
     Help your child’s school go green using the Center for Health and Environmental Justice’s (CHEJ) free toolkit and program. The Green Flag Schools Program for Environmental Leadership provides a framework for schools to engage in environmental advocacy and empowers students to take charge. 
     Lead a cleanup of a river, beach, or park in honor of Earth Month.
     Start a recycling project at work.
     Check with your local school or community center to ask about starting a community garden.
     Work with a local school or faith community to organize a household hazardous waste collection drive. Almost everyone has old paint, pesticides or other toxic materials stored around the house. Contact your local government’s environmental department to learn how to dispose of those items properly.
(If your kids are older, get them involved! What would they like to try?)
     Make a plan. Write up next steps, who you could reach out to for help, etc.
     Record your experience. Was it easier or harder than you thought? What did you learn?
     Share your experience for a chance to win great prizes!

Tips & Tools:

     Join the weekly #HolisticMoms Twitter Parties on Tuesdays at 10 EST/7 PST
     Join the Facebook chat (details to come!).
     Connect with your local Holistic Moms Network chapter to learn what other moms are trying and get tips for your challenge.

Enter for a chance to win!

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