Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saving Natural Parenting

It’s crunch time. Our values are on the line. And it’s up to you, yes YOU, to take action. To stand up for what you believe in. To realize that YOU make a difference. To be part of a bigger picture. To save something you believe in.

Natural parenting is in crisis. The outspoken voices of holistic living and parenting are being edged out by challenging times. And it’s because of us. We take things for granted. We forget that we need to support the organizations, businesses, and people who lead the charge. The people who let passion run their lives and give of themselves to empower us and help us grow. We blame it on the economy. Times are tough. We have to make ends meet. We have to cut corners. We’re too busy. Someone else will help. What's in it for me?

And then the voices are gone. Our trusted champions are silenced. Our resources evaporate. And we are lost. And we wonder if we could have done anything. We miss our support networks, our publications, our online resource, and the things that inspire us to be holistic parents. And we think “what a shame.” But we didn’t do anything to help. We didn’t stop it. And our community starts to fracture.

Now’s the time. Many of us have had heavy hearts watching Mothering Magazine close its doors. That one simple publication was a lifeline for so many of us who choose to parent differently. We were inspired and moved by the stories. We learned about natural childbirth options, babywearing, and making our own baby food. We questioned vaccinations and circumcision. We became empowered with positive parenting and we found others who shared our views. And then it was gone.

And just today, the Natural Child Project issued an urgent email that they need help. An organization founded on a vision of “a world in which all children are treated with dignity, respect, understanding, and compassion. In such a world, every child can grow into adulthood with a generous capacity for love and trust” needs our help. The economy is making their mission hard to fulfill. They need support and donations to bring you articles, resources, and information to keep going.

And here at Holistic Moms, our shoestring budget is tightening. We watch our sisters struggle and look to you, our friends and members, to keep our community alive. You can make a difference. Your membership is what keeps us all going. Your donations, your support. Whether you enjoy the many benefits of membership or simply the confidence of knowing we are out there, it matters that you give your support. Your donations make our non-profit organization possible.

We work to serve you, to connect our voices, to build our community. Without your support, we risk being silenced as well. Can we all afford that? If we stand by with our excuses – we are too busy, times are tough, someone else will help – we will be left with only that: our excuses. Whether as individuals in need of support, who can join as members, or companies trying to serve this community, whose sponsorship makes our community possible, we can come together to protect our voices. Save natural parenting. Don’t wait. Or the silence will come.

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