Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Honoring Mothering

Ten years ago I was a first-time expectant mom. I was planning a homebirth with a midwife and doula, was de-toxing my home, buying slings, and preparing for breastfeeding. And I felt terribly, dreadfully alone.

Friends and family members alike questioned my choices. They gave me perplexed looks as I rambled on about waterbirth, co-sleeping, and organic baby food. They were quick to offer more conventional suggestions. I had the support of my husband, midwife, and doula but did not know a single other mom who embraced natural living. And then I discovered Mothering magazine.

Mothering was a beacon for navigating those early steps on my natural parenting journey. Rich with informative articles, passionate letters, and endless resources, I felt connected and supported within its pages. It is because of a shared interest in Mothering that I connected with another local mom with whom the Holistic Moms Network was conceived. We felt as though we had leaped from the pages of Mothering, and were, in real life, empowered, inspired, and energized by each other’s presence.

Today’s announcement that Mothering magazine will not continue is thus a bittersweet one. I am saddened that such a powerful publication that has influenced the lives of so many parents will no longer be published. Yet I find comfort in knowing of the many seeds that have been planted through its pages; in the knowledge that new life will grow from their web-only business, and in the certainty that holistic parenting will continue to be championed in the pages of Natural Life Magazine and through such organizations as the Holistic Moms Network. Mothering has empowered women to make informed choices, to build strength in our communities, and to find our voices. We will always be grateful for the amazing road that Mothering magazine has forged.

We hope many more parents will find their passion for natural living and come together to raise awareness, to support one another, and to continue the legacy of Mothering. We are honored to have been part of this journey and will continue to be an active voice for natural living as we move forward together!

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