Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nursing Our Future: The Video

This week we are inspired by how organically a project comes to be and how beautifully a community can come together and create a powerful statement about holistic living.

Just last week, an idea was born thanks to HMN Advisory Board member Linda Folden Palmer who forwarded along a link to a Herald Sun article about Generation-Y women being reluctant to nurse publicly. At the same time, I was chatting with HMN Celebrity Spokesperson Mayim Bialik about nursing and she shared with us a lovely photo of her nursing on the strip in Las Vegas. In a moment, an idea was conceived and a passion to show young women that nursing in public is normal came about. Within a few days, we began to receive dozens of photos from our Holistic Moms members showing them nursing their newborns, babies, toddlers, and children in high profile locations like the Eiffel Tower and Tavern of the Green to their local coffee shop or park. Another HMN member volunteered use of one of her piano compositions and HMN National Team member, Julie Wagner, put it all together in what became - in just one week's time - our Nursing Our Future video.

The response?
"Thanks so much for this gift to the world."

"Today I am in tears. It is a joy to watch HMN grow, and now you have created this video project which is so extraordinary. It has such an enormous impact. I love it. It is so moving."

"This is the MOST amazing video of breastfeeding I have ever seen!!! THANK YOU for making this and for putting the message so succinctly. I cried and feel so proud to be a Holistic Mom."

Women feel and care deeply about nursing. We want to nourish and nurture out babies until they no longer desire it. We want to nurse when our babies are hungry or need soothing, no matter where we are, who sees us, or what else is going on. We want to feel empowered and confident, and not to be given sideways glances or to be asked to cover up. We shouldn't need to - and don't have to. Nursing is normal, beautiful, and good for moms, babies, and the planet. If we can strengthen our pro-breastfeeding sentiment, we all win. It's time to let young women know the value of nursing, the power of nursing, and its importance. You can nurse in style, openly or discreetly, publicly and privately, with infants and older children, and be proud!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this exciting project. We are honored to be able to share your breastfeeding images with the world and hope we can inspire more women to do so!


  1. What a beautiful video! I shed a tear thinking of what a wonderful gift nursing mothers give their children. I am grateful for your project!

  2. I am basking in the glow of that video. So many happy memories of nursing my own babes. My favorite pics were the ones where their little eyes are peeking up at their mamas. Thanks for this reminder of why we nurse.


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