Monday, September 28, 2009

Is This Your Child?: Meeting an Inspiration

My first child was a miserable baby. He was big and healthy and full of energy. But he was miserable. He rarely slept well and always awakened with a scream, even in my arms. He banged his head on the floor, had tantrums and outbursts on a daily basis, and raged until he was red in the face. I nursed and wore him, danced and sang, soothed and distracted. But something was not right with my baby. Family members questioned our holistic choices, wondering if we hadn't set ourselves up for problems. He grew and surpassed all of his developmental goals, but in my gut in knew we were missing something. We were politely removed from music classes, whisked away from playdates, and leered at in the supermarket. And mother guilt set in.

Then, one day, I picked up "Is This Your Child?" by Doris Rapp. My world unfolded in the pages of her book. This was my child. My child was reacting to toxins and food allergies. They did not manifest themselves in hives or eczema or, thankfully, anaphylaxis, but in his mood and behavior. Things started to click and make send. Another one of her books, The Impossible Child, helps parents and teachers to "help children who have been erroneously labeled as dumb, lazy, nasty, rude, overactive, irritable, slow or impossible." Rather, many of these kids are suffering from food or chemical sensitivities. We were able to confirm multiple food allergies and sensitivities through testing, including an off-the-charts gluten intolerance for my son. A simple elimination transformed him. He is still an intense, bright, and energetic kid, but his behavior is more even and predictable. When he gets out of sorts, the first thing we do is look at what he ate or what he was exposed to. I was now armed with knowledge. And I could finally take charge, make a difference and know that it wasn't me. Thank you, Dr. Rapp, for showing me that "No, it's not your kid. And, no, it's definitely not you, mom!"

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Rapp in person earlier this month. At the wise age of 80, she pursues her passion and commitment to educating parents about environmental medicine. Her latest book, "Our Toxic World - A Wake Up Call", is a must-read for every parent. The facts are there and they are alarming to say the least. We are destroying our bodies and harming our children by living in a toxic soup of chemicals. Epidemics of autism, ADHD, cancer, early puberty, obesity, and much more are right in front of us and the cause is at hand. To hear Dr. Rapp speak is to be transformed into a new level of awareness and concern for future generations. For any parent who wonders about the health of their children, I would like to introduce you to Dr. Doris Rapp. She has my deepest and most sincere gratitude for changing my life, the lives of my two children, and hopefully the lives of many children whose parents will fight to protect them and our planet!


  1. This is one major reason why I use only all-natural ingredients in my cusom cakes - nothing artificial - and ESPECIALLY no artificial color. (I provided the cake for last year's Holistic Moms Network annual conference.) There's no reason that any child needs to ingest a ton of toxins on their (or anyone else's) birthday cake! This is also why I accomodate gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free dietary needs with my cakes.

    It's important to feed our children real foods, made from scratch with quality ingredients.

  2. I certainly have seen the effects of toxins and allergies, including behavioral "disorders" even as extreme as autism, and would like to tell people about an amazing solution that my family and I have found called NAET. It is a completely natropathic cure for allergies(really!). You can take a look at the website to find a practitioner near you at My practitioner, Dr Marilyn Chernoff, has done truly miraculous healing for my family.

  3. There are over 100,000 chemicals today and only about 15% have been tested for safety and none in combination!
    I worry about my children since they are more vulnerable to toxins and they are just developing. What I try to do is avoid harmful chemicals, plastics and eat organically, and locally wherever possible. I am certain this will help.
    I advise that all parents do the same and you will benefit your families health and the environment at the same time.


    Melanie Vollick.


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