Monday, July 13, 2009

Real Food for Real Kids

With 30 million children nationwide taking part in school lunch programs, it is high time parents stood up for getting real, whole, and healthy food into our schools. It's time to connect the dots and to understand that the ailing health of our children, rising obesity rates, food sensitivities and allergies, and many learning challenges are directly related to the low quality food that is dished up in school systems across the country. With only 2 percent of American children reaching the USDA food pyramid's recommendations, we are sacrificing the health of children and the environment by allowing low food standards to slip under the radar.

Slow Food USA is mobilizing their Time for Lunch campaign to put pressure on Congress this fall when the National School Lunch program is up for reauthorization. The campaign will push for getting real food into school lunch programs, provide funding for farm-to-school programs, and create incentives for schools to buy local for better health, local farm sustainability, and for the environment.

The Holistic Moms Network is proud to support this effort. We encourage our members to learn more about the Time for Lunch campaign and consider gathering with other members to organize an Eat-In and to support local farms. Not sure how to get started? Time for Lunch has a wonderful packet to help you organize and get involved! And check in to our new Take Action! page for other partnerships and efforts to bring personal change to a larger scale!

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