Monday, May 4, 2009

The Value of Support

"Since joining the Holistic Moms group, I haven't felt alone in any of my decisions, I feel confident in continuing my search for better options for my family. I have had great conversations and have made such great connections with other moms who are going through exactly the same parenting and health dilemmas as I am." - Karla, NJ Member.

Motherhood is undoubtedly filled with indescribable rewards - priceless moments of pleasure and joy. It is also a time of instability and unexpected challenges. Motherhood destablizes you into a vortex of chaos. Routines are turned on their heads, new experiences abound, and suddenly your identity seems to dissolve before your eyes.

Sound familiar? Moms everywhere share the experience of uncertainty and alienation in motherhood, perhaps even more so if you are following a less-than-conventional parenting path. Forging a holistic path can be a very lonely experience. Holistic parents reach deep into their instincts to do what feels right but confront self-doubt and external criticism from friends, family - even complete strangers.

But finding the right support network can transform the entire parenthood experience. Support groups and moms groups hold enormous value for mothers, by providing short and long term benefits for parents, offering stability, reassurance, and so much more. Support groups have proven to be effective on so many levels, including physiologically, where participants may experience reduced stress and improved health. Psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually, support groups enrich lives and transform the experience of motherhood in many positive ways. The value of building a sense of community is priceless.

At the Holistic Moms Network we have seen the power of support in action time and time again. Simply by providing a forum for interaction and support, mothers across the country have found a source of strength and empowerment. Whatever your parenting style, whatever path you choose, find a group that can offer support, bring you together, and build connections. Know that mothers out there struggle, too, and embrace the joy of sharing your journey!

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